Tanbo - Tambo Ipe


ITEM EXCLUSIVE to our armory. Ipe, Brazilian Walnut Tanbo / Tambo.

This wood is very hard! It is very good for contact against Wakizashi Shoto or bokken. Tough as nails! Has a fine to medium texture, with the grain varying from straight to irregular and/or interlocked. Ipe is among the most durable lumbers on earth, with exceptional resistance to decay, rot, and insect attack.

tanbo tambo ipe

Finally, Ipe is a wood of extremes: extremely dense and durable, as well as extremely difficult to work. Its incredible hardness and strength make it well suited for flooring applications. Some common uses for Ipe include: flooring, decking, exterior lumber, veneer, tool handles, and other turned objects.

Overall a very good wood for Tanbo / Tambo.

Proudly handmade in Quebec.


Lenght: approx. 18"
Weight: approx. 215 gr. (7,5 oz)
Diameter: 1"
Wood: Ipe


Tanbo - Tambo Ipe
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Brands: Nichiken Yamabushi

Made and /or created by Nichiken Yamabushi. katanaplus@gmail.com for special order.

Materials: Wood

Made from wood


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