#1 You have not received the validation email to your new member account? Please check in the spam box: usually it is there when you do not find iti in regular email box.

# 2 If you pay online by credit card, check payment via Visa / Mastercard. Within 24 hours, we repeat, within 24 hours, we will then send to you a payment request payable via PAYPAL. You do not need to be a Paypal member to be able to use this payment method.

The system will send you a payment request within 24 hours once your order is placed. You will have to move quickly to the payment (within 24 hours), otherwise the system will send a payment reminder. If after this payment is not made, a third request will be sent stating that you have 24 hours to pay. After that, the system will cancel your order and close your account-able against piracy. You will have to subscribe again and repeat an order if you wish. If you wish to cancel an order, BEFORE PAYMENT please email us and tell us. Any cancellation after the payment will be refunded as a credit to the armory and not reimbursed in cash or via PayPal.

# 3 For the moment we do not offer tracking service package. (Tracking)
If the package is not home within 5 working days, please contact us and we vérifirons what happens. Thank you
Other kind of help:   katanaplus@gmail.com