Memorandum D-19-13-2
Import and export of firearms, weapons and devices.
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See here all the law on knives,
read from Article 18. Weapons. prohibited weapons.
It's on page 12.

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Other questions concerning the legality of walking around with a knife on itself?
It depends on the regulations in force in the municipality where you are.
At the criminal level in Quebec, it is legal to walk * with a non-prohibited knives safely and dicrète.
* However, some places may have more stringent restrictions, eg courthouses, airports, schools, etc.

As of conduct, it is customary not to use his weapon in public, nor the exhibit.
Its use in case of defense or aggression is punishable by law.
Use the minimum force necessary to be in every occasion the line.

For more questions, police your regions will be happy to advise you specifically.