Information regarding sales

This site is based in Canada.
On this site, we sell only in Canada.

You will not receive Newsletter or promotional email from us.

All items and articles are shipped Monday through Friday.
We answer emails as soon as we are able to.
Paypal payment request usually occurs within 24 hours.

Any money order or payment must be done to: Armurerie Nichiken Yamabushi 

For now, we only sell on line. We do not have a boutique open to the public, and we do not take any telephone orders. Thank you for shopping with us and send us your comments:


Legal age

In Quebec, it is not necessary to be 18 years old  to purchase a functional and sharpened blade. If you buy from outside of Quebec, make sure that your purchase does not contravene any applicable laws in your part of the country. 


Delivery Fees


We deliver exclusively with EXPEDITED PARCEL through Canada Post.

* For certainextreme locations or inhospitable areas, This offer may not be valid, or changed in order to remain viable.

NOTE: According to the items in your order, it is possible that the system will charge a bit more for delivery. Should this be the case, and upon our sole discretion, we will send you a credit applicable on your next order.

Delivery Delay

In the majority of cases, except for holidays, once the parcel is mailed, it takes 5 business days to arrive at your destination. When it arrives, you will receive a notice from your local post office. You will have 5 business days to pick it up.


Exactitude of your name and address

You have the sole responsibility to provide us your full address and your full and accurate to make sure that the delivery can be made properly name. We deliver to the address of your member account, the one registered on your invoice, not to a Paypal address or any other address registered elsewhere than on your member account and your invoice during the sale.

In the event that you have provided an incorrect or incomplete address and the parcel can not get to you , and it behooves us , we must pay a second time Canada Post shipping costs to return the parcel, and pay a second time to return to your corrected address. We will post then , and you will pay extra shipping costs (ie the cost of return and the cost to return the package to you again ) and handling fee of $ 10 before we return the parcel back . If the event that you decide not to pay the new fees , we will keep your package and payment will close your account permanently.

In case your package would go to someone else because of a bad name or incomplete or incorrect address , we will try to help you, but you will be solely responsible for the consequences.

Be consistent when you fill your account !


Product returns Policy:
The product does not correspond to what you ordered

 We will not refund any purchase in money. A purchase credit will be applied to your next purchase when returning products. You have three days to contact us if you wish to return a product. In this case, it is necessary that the item is intact, it has not served, and you return it in its original packaging intact enough so that we can relist it. In this case, a handling charge of $ 15 or 15% apply (the greater of two amounts will be the one to pay). If there are shipping fees, they will be your responsibility. In this case, we will refund as a credit applied automatically on your next purchase, this purchase credit covering the product price including taxes but excluding shipping fees. 

Note 1: No returns if he blade were used or with scratches, alterations or fingerprints that affected polishing. Furthermore, if the item comes in a transparent casing and it is possible to see the item without unpacking, this package should not be opened if you return.

NOTE 2: No blade is perfect: some have small imperfections, small scratches, or other signs of human manipulation. When we send an item, we have inspected, adjusted as required, oiled, and approved.



We will give the maker's of the product guarantee within there limits. In all cases, you will have to pay the shipping to the location of the maker with insurances cost and so. In that case, contact us to know how to proceed.


Breakage during delivery

If you receive a parcel and the wrapping is damaged, open it in front of the Canada Post employee: if the item is broken, ask this person to give you proof that the item was damaged during delivery by Canada Post. Take possession of your parcel and make sure that you bring the proof of damage with you. Contact us and we will indicate how to proceed.


Object broken during cutting,
throwing or any other activities

Although swords are functional and made to cut, and knives for throwing, the manufacturers do not offer any guarantees for breakage during these activities. In fact, a sword or a knife must be handled by an expert in order to attain the tolerance limits without breaking. Also, any correct or incorrect handling damages the blade, the steel fatigue accumulates and can cause twisting or rupture. It is easy to damage a blade on the first cut or throw, even if it is of very good quality. For these reasons, NO BLADE IS GUARANTEED IN THE CASE OF CUTTING, THROWING, OR ANY OTHER USE. We strongly suggest not surpassing light cutting level if you are not an expert and using soft targets for throwing. We can offer basic instruction for the proper and safe handling of the products we sell. If you are interested, contact us:




No cash reimbursement will be done. Only purchase credits are offered for products sold or returned pertaining to the guarantee which are no longer available, when we consider that a reimbursement is valid. In all cases, we will act fairly, of course to continue to do business with you, but mostly because that is the best way.


In case of injury or death

All correct or incorrect handling causes damage to your blade, and the accumulation of steel fatigue, can cause breakage. All correct or incorrect handling can cause injuries or even death. We do not sell toys. Any weapon handling can offend your entourage. You are responsible for your life and that of others, and we take no responsibility whatsoever for any injuries, deadly or not, that could happen to you or by you with the items we sell.

Please be conscious that you participate in the good reputation of blade amateurs and maintaining the freedom that we have to own and use them. Make sure that you respect your municipal laws for the transportation and use of your blade. Avoid drinking alcohol while handling the blades: according to statistics, the majority of involuntary, semi-involuntary or voluntary injuries implying a blade happen under the influence of alcohol. When the samurai drank saké, he left his extremely sharp katana at the door, for the safety of all at the party, people conscious of the dangers of handling blades. Do not be a bigger idiot than the ancestors.

Thank you for acting with intelligence, respect and etiquette.



For any litigations, comments or suggestions, contact us by e-mail, 
We will address your message as promptly as possible.