Shinken literally means shin : new and  ken sword
In general it means: recently forged and sharpened katana.
That have no connection with the fact that the blade is made ​​in Japan or outside Japan.

But generally speaking , in the middle of martial arts,
we think Shinken made ​​in Japan , but also a katana a single copy
and not multiple copies on the same model.
And yes in this case, a shinken base made ​​in Japan
by a blacksmith without fame starts to $ 30,000

Besides this ,
a new blade (shinken ) may well have value
and even if the quality is not made ​​in Japan
and just enjoyed the fact that instead of being single is yours ,
multiple copies are made ​​on the same models.
This allows significant savings
which is reflected in the price of a shinken made ​​outside Japan
multiple copies of the same model.