IPE wood Nichiken Yamabushi Plus Fist


NYNY2 Nichiken Yamabushi Plus Fist in IPE wood : therapeutic, training, and defense tool.

Fit all-One size version of the basic Nichiken Yamabushi Fist

Inspired by the famous American fist and the Japanese kubotan, the Nichiken Yamabushi Plus Fist is an innovation of Nichiken Yamabushi exclusively in our shop.

As a therapeutic tool: for trigger points, fascia work, deep massage, acupressure, and other manual orthopedic techniques.

As a training tool: among other things, to make push-ups on the fists

As a defense tool: to strike, sting, crush, grind.

Used often in pair for optimal power

See short video on Youtube


Sell by unity (1 fist)

Material: Wood Ipe
Weight: approx. 4 oz / 100 gr
Dimensions: 7 inches x 2 inches 1/2 x 1/2 inch thick.

Made one by one in Quebec. The item sold varies in this sense. Picture for description.


IPE wood Nichiken Yamabushi Plus Fist
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Brands: Nichiken Yamabushi

Made and /or created by Nichiken Yamabushi. katanaplus@gmail.com for special order.

Materials: Wood

Made from wood


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