POLICE S&W Expandable Baton 21 Inches


Smith and Wesson, a name you can trust. This 21 inch baton SWBAT21H is the #1 choice of weapon for self defence, with a rubberized hand and nylon carrying sheath, this is the perfect unit for you. Smith and Wesson is legendary in quality workmanship so you know this expandable baton will operate flawlessly.

General note on the telescopic pole. It is easy to break a baton but it is also possible to never break it and use it for years. The telescopic stick are not baseball bat. Their resistance is limited, regardless of the quality of manufacturing or steel, the inherent weakness of such a kind of stick is telescopic sections.

SmileTIP: It is painful to close by hitting the stick vertically on the floor. It takes an unpleasant strength. Since we prefer, by far, the law of least effort for maximum results, we suggest you hit the end of the stick against a hard surface at an angle of 45 degrees instead of doing vertical (90 degrees). This movement releases the sections. Then just hit slightly and vertically the ground to retract the sections of the stick. It really works better. Try it: you’ll quickly find the most effective way for you.

Nichiken Yamabushi’s YouTube Video
How tu use and retract easily
the S&W Collapsible baton.

S&W 21" Collapsible Baton -
SWBAT21H Tensile Strength: 6638.78 lbf
Bending Strength: 4055.84 lbf
Handle Grip: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
Steel: 4130 Seamless Alloy Steel
Tubing Hardness: HRC 46-47
Includes Sheath: 1980 Denier outer shell
Overall: 21.0"
Handle 8.2"
Weight: 1 lb

POLICE S&W Expandable Baton 21 Inches
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Brands: Smith and Wesson

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Materials: Stainless steel

Made from stainless steel.


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