Sharpened Full Tang Combat Dagger


Full Tang Combat Dagger: for penetration and throwing!

Desiring an affordable price for a solid entry-level weapon, we settled on this dagger among hundreds of models.

Its hardwood handle encircling the tang of the full-length blade with a pommel tip serving as a glass breaker. This window breaker tip is pierced with a very useful fixing hole.

In order to improve the precision of the gesture, the solid brass blade guard allows the thumb to ensure extra stability and precision at the moment of the blow.

Comes with a brown leather sheath with leather strap to wear on the belt.

Total length: 11" 1/2 Blade: 7" Sharpened for penetration. Handle: 4" Glass Breaker Tip: 1/2" Weight: 7.5 ounces / 214 grams Blade steel: Stainless steel Handle: hardwood. Guard: Polished brass.
Sharpened Full Tang Combat Dagger
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Materials: Stainless steel

Made from stainless steel.


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